DATA – Blue Ocean Shift Strategy (Boss)

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‘BIG DATA – the new Ruler / an Emperor of today’s business”‘

In today’s time datais everywhere, every one is running for data, collecting data and just storing data as if data is a philosopher’s stone (Paras Stone) which has potential to turn your business into revenue factory or data as a fuel to run your business core engine. But previous statements can only true if data is used correctly, on time and with correct velocity value which is on rise almost every day. Now when you have so much data; what can be done, how and at what time. Factual information on table says billions of terabytes of data i.e more than 2.7 zettabytes of data that exists in today’s digital universe, and which is projected to grow to 180 zettabytes in 2025 (Source open google search) 80% of it got generated only in last few years.

“Behavioural biometrics…

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Artificial Intelligence as a Service – AIaaS

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Suddenly, artificial intelligence is everywhere. Are you AI ready if not then be ready to be read in history books. Are we not missing the fact that artificial intelligence is about the people, not the machines. Technology and non technology companies are now investing and brining out the real and materialistic values of Artificial Intelligence to the real world. Its almost after a frustrating and hard work of decade AI has started delivering values. Using the contemporary view of computing exemplified by recent models and results from non-uniform complexity theory has proven the fact.

Investment in artificial intelligence is growing fast. Tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Apple and Baidu known for their dominance in digital technologies globally are spending couple of tens of  billions united state dollars on AI with 90 percent of this spent on R&D and deployment, and 10 percent on AI acquisitions. It takes money to make money and…

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United Colours of Payments

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UCP-1.pngAbstract – This article is focused on high level discussion and showing what is happening in payment industry and contribution / future impact by 4 well known camps Apple, Android, Microsoft & Samsung and many many other players as now “Pay” word is very favourite word for any company to come up with payment solution so to my best of understanding and knowledge today’s time payment industry can be called a united colour of payments. Idea of this short write up to know thought process, mind set and views of different people around the globe with different cultures, different mindset, different industry, different skills, different languages, different roles, different levels of job, different classes and all sort of differences but what is common and which is the common payment method.

We all know very well that Banks in countries like Indonesia, India, China, and on African Continent don’t seem overly…

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FinTech and InsureTech Big Data

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Abstract – Last Sunday I was at big retail store in Harare and it was a very busy day due to the fact it was month end and people got paid. Grocery shopping was in full swing, I also bought some groceries for my self. When I was in the queue for payment and collection, I saw almost every one making payment either by swiping the magic plastic card or struggling on their mobile handset by punching few numbers etc. The electronic payment queue was moving fast compared to the cash payment queue where I saw only a handful of people with just one/two small item/items. The thought came to my mind out of this whole picture was “Whats happening here besides the payments through mobile and plastic”? Data, More Data, Lots of Data so called BIG DATA was getting generated.

shutterstock_158327579-2Introduction – Without the right security and encryption solution in place…

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International Remittances Outlook

Are we really sure African remittance outlook is in Plug and play mode and not plug and pay and then pray! …..

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Abstract – International Remittance or Cross border remittance the way its called in todays time has proven from decades the manifesto of  how money transfer can fuel an economic engine. Migration and Remittances represents numbers and facts behind the stories of international migration and remittances. Remittance has impact across the globe but growth in Africa has lagged other regions though. The Importance of the Remittances by the African Diaspora and its problems are very different compare to the rest of the world. African per capita income is now increasing in tandem with other developing countries as African immigrants are highly skilled workers. Now the answer for the question Why remittances to Africa are not growing accordance to international standards and Evaluating the impact of remittance on the households?. These two questions are our agenda for this post.

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 3.11.25 PMIntroduction – Drawing on authoritative, publicly available data. Some interesting facts: More than 247 million people, or…

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Artificial Intelligence for Digital Payments Security

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ComplianceAbstract – Digital Wallets are becoming the New way to pay. Most interesting factor here is to know companies who are most successful in this field actually came out of payment industry with no prior knowledge of intelligence but rather came with Artificial Intelligence o how to pay and where to pay, when to pay etc. Disrupted the most unknown and unsecured payment methods like contactless payment systems, who asked the question from them wether their suggested methods are safer than chip-enabled credit cards, and what it might take for contactless systems to be used as widely as cash. How the data or sensitive data of a customer been treated and used in their systems.

Introduction – Apple is in talks to launch its money transfer service may be as Apple Cash. JPMorgan quits R3 block chain consortium though. In the Q1 of 2017; $3.2 Billion United sates dollars went…

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Digital Payments – Security or Performance

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picAbstract – In Digital payments world million dollar question comes in at every stage what is more important security or speed (Performance & Ease). Financial system security design principles can be organized into logical groups, for example, least privilege is a principle and appears grouped under Structure/Trust. In the case of “Secure System Evolution,” the principle is in its own group. Security of subscriber’s data in terms of KYC information, transactions details and sensitive information like bank, mobile wallet, card details are pivotal and key to any financial system. Under digital payments security; velocity detection might seem like some complicated instrument mechanics would use at a theme park on a broken roller coaster. A digital certificate is an electronic file that uniquely identifies individuals and Web sites on the Internet and enables secure, confidential communications. It associates the name of an entity that participates in a secured transaction (e.g., an…

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Magic SMS service; An Expression To Your SMS

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Mobile Comerce

Tata DOCOMO, the GSM brand of Tata Teleservices Limited, has launched an interesting value added service called ‘Magic SMS’, for postpaid and prepaid mobile subscribers across India. With this service, subscribers can easily convert their standard SMSes into enjoyable and attractive picture messages/MMS.

In general SMS service introduction as below. May not have any direct relation to above post.

The Short Message Service (SMS) provides a means for sending a message of a limited size (160 characters) to and from terminal equipment. SMS was originally standardized and implemented in GSM networks, but SMS interworking with fixed networks has also been introduced. SMS messages can also be initiated from the Internet. In many European countries the SMS market has grown significantly over the last few years. The main application of SMS has been the exchange of text messages between mobile users, but many content providers have entered this market and…

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Digitised Bank Payments – Their Struggle Saga with Friend FinTech

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Abstract – This article is neither a conclusion nor a claim by any means this is just an assumption and current picture focused on African markets. Idea for this write up is to explorer, read, enjoy, deliberate and put suggestions or new thoughts/ideas on table offcourse comments in agreement/disagreement are welcome. The evolution of financial systems has been a long but interesting journey characterised by sudden changes in underlying technology. Retail banking in Africa is far from where it should have been never followed the natural progression. Financial payments and banking started in a very inefficient and traditional way which was slow but still acceptable to the customers due to the stage in the information age. Experts in any form of payments like mobile, Internet, paper or card should not get disappoint after reading this as said its not meant for detailed or deeper understanding. Focus here is on…

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